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Best Neighborhoods in San Ramon

By Linda Urbick - January 20, 2021

Where are the best neighborhoods in San Ramon?

Moving to San Ramon or already live in the area and want to know where to live in San Ramon and the best neighborhood(s). Well, any neighborhood you choose will be a good neighborhood.

All the neighborhoods in San Ramon are good, each has its own characteristics and amenities. It's not like some cities where there is a section that is not desireable, that is not the case in San Ramon.

San Ramon is a relatively new City incorporated in 1983 and only 18.5 square miles. There are approximately 36 single family detached home neighborhoods. This number does not include condos and town homes. Some communities ave 100 homes while a few boast up to 4000 plus homes.

There is the East side and the West side of the City, divided by Alcosta Blvd. Two zip codes 94582 east side and 94583 west side.  Construction first began on Broadmoor towards Alcosta Blvd in the 1960s thus the beginning of the Cal High neighborhood and the city grew from there. If newer is your preference, Gale Ranch and Windemere were built in the early 2000s, which is the east side of San Ramon. New construction is ongoing in Gale Ranch and the Preserve. Gale Ranch is finishing up the project.

Finding the best place to call home is up a your preferences, essentially what is important to you in the house and community. Looking for:

  • Live in a golf course community? There are 3 in San Ramon, Bridges, Canyon Lakes and San Ramon Golf Club
  • Large lots - many of the older areas have lots from 6000' up to 1/3 acre
  • Small lots - areas such as Windemere, Gale Ranch, New Castle Patio Homes and the Preserve
  • Parks in the neighborhood - almost every area will have some type of park, if only a play area for the kids. There are sports parks, picnic parks, parks with trails for a small city there are probably 40 parks.
  • Homes with views - check out Bollinger Hills, Old Ranch Summit, The Preserve, Henry Ranch, the Oaks to name a few areas
  • Luxury homes - There is the Bridges, Royal Ridge, Old Ranch Estates & Summit, Gale Ranch, Windemere, the Oaks, Crown Ridge and Norris Canyon Estates. to name a few
  • Schools in the neighborhood - Montevideo/Pine Valley Neighborhood, Twin Creeks, Gale Ranch, Windemere, Canyon Crest
  • Homes with views - Bollinger Hills, West of San Ramon Valley Blvd, Old Ranch Summit, The Preserve

As you can see, endless possiblities depending on what you are looking for. Right now (2121)the median home price in san Ramon is $1.2 million, with prices ranging from the high $800K to $2.6 million. And if the detached home prices are out of reach for your pocket book, there are condo and towm home communities sprinkled around the City price ranges from $330K to $1.0 million.

Want to learn more about some of the neighborhoods, then check out my YouTube channel. You'll find videos of several of the San Ramon Neighborhoods.  YouTube San Ramon Video Tours


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