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How to Sell Your Home in 10 Days or Less - 2021

By Linda Urbick - February 04, 2021

How to Sell Your Home in 10 Days or Less



It is 2021 and you want to sell your home fast. Is that possible? Yes. My simple statement to get your home sold fast "just put it on the market". That's it. The market is hot. We have so many buyers and not enough homes. Homes are getting multiple offers here in the San Ramon area with buyers willing to pay way over list price. And when I say "way" I mean $50K,  $100K, even $250K over list.

This market in my opinion is crazy and is not sustainable. It is totally a Seller's market, so if your want to sell yur home now is the time because who knows when the market will shift. And it will shift. COVID-19 did not slow the market down as so many predicted, it did just the opposite.

Now it's not as simple as put it on the market. You still have to price it right, in line with the current market and put your home in tip top shape. The better it looks the more you will get over list. Just to give you an idea of what is going on in San Ramon as an example here are some highlights of homes that have sold since November 2020.

  • Home on Toltec Dr. in Twin Creeks, List price of $999,995 so for $1,139,500. That is $139,000 over list , 4 days on the market for a 4 bedroom, 1817 square feet and 18 offers
  • In the Vista Point neighborhood, 3 bedroom 1988 square feet, list price $1,029,000 sold for $1,160,000 with 10 offers, 5 days on market. $131,000 over list price.
  • Wilton Way in the Montevideo neighborhood a 4 bedroom home 1795 square feet had 11 offers. List Price $1,049,888; sales price $1,175,000. $126,000 over list 6 days on the market.
  • Pinenut Ct. over off Pine Valley and Broadmoor, 3 bedroom 1611 square feet sold $238,000 over list price for $1,317,650 with 21 offers. This is the highest price ever for this section of the neighborhood
  • Here is the home that really went over the top. Located on Thunderbird Dr., which is over the San Ramon golf course area, listed at $1,299,000 sold for $1,605,000. Sold in one day with five offers. Crazy $300,000 over list!!!

Now not all homes go so far over list price.  Some may go only a couple of thousand over and some go wild. Of the 170 homes tracked, 142 sold over list the balance sold under list.

Of course, we all know this can't go on forever. But who really knows. All I can say it is "truly" a sellers market.  Check out the video below to see some of the San Ramon homes.


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