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Why No Offers on My House?

By Linda Urbick - February 19, 2019

You have your house on the market, no offers at all. Yet you know that houses are selling, even in your area. Wondering

why your home is not selling or even getting any offers. Here are possibly five reasons to consider.

1.  What is your motivation?

Is your motivation still the same as it was when you first listed. When sellers are really motivated, they make sure the home is priced right and in good condition.

2.  The Price…which is the answer in most cases.

Sometimes when the market is hot, homeowners attempt to set their listing price higher. Their hope is that a motivated buyer will be willing to pay any price for a house in their desired neighborhood!

Sellers you have to keep in mind that today’s home buyers are well-educated. Buyers have the data, it’s public and available to anyone and everyone.  They are aware of prices for various neighborhoods,  sizes and styles of homes and know if your house seems overpriced, priced at market or even under priced. If your home is overpriced, buyers will not waste their time considering it. This is why it’s so important to make sure that your from day one on the market!

"No amount of marketing will sell an overpriced house!!"

3.  The Condition of the House

Is the asking price warranted for the condition of the house. Making sure your home is in perfect condition will attract buyers to make an offer. Be honest does the interior or exterior need painting, how’s the landscaping? Carpets need replacing. Be objective about the condition. You may have over looked items that you don’t think are important. At this point, it doesn’t really matter what you think. If you want to sell, it’s what the buyer thinks.

4.  Marketing Plan

Having a marketing plan is important! The days of looking for a newspaper or magazine ad are long gone. If the buyers are looking for homes on line, that is where you need to be! You want to work with an agent that knows the area, understands online marketing and social media promotions. Professional photos, virtual tours, videos are what appeal to buyers.

5.  Accessibility

Is your home easy to show. If you have restricted hours or days or no lockbox, you are making it harder for real estate agents to show. And when inventories start to increase, a home that is hard to show will be over looked. Do the best you can to make showing your home easy.

Bottom Line

There are houses selling every single day because they are listed at the right price, have the right marketing plan, and are staged for the sale.  If you are getting showings and no offers, take a deeper look. Tip top condition will get you the right price. 


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