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How to Sell Your Home in 10 Days or Less - 2021

By Linda Urbick - February 04, 2021
How to Sell Your Home in 10 Days or Less     It is 2021 and you want to sell your home fast. Is that possible? Yes. My simple statement to get your home sold fast "just put it on the market". That's it. The market is hot. We have so many buyers and not enough homes. Homes are getting multiple offers here in the San Ramon area with buyers willing to pay way over list pr

Are Open Houses Really Necessary?

By Linda Urbick - January 04, 2021
Are Open Houses a Thing of the Past?   In the shift to utilizing more technology in the real estate industry since COVID made its way into our lives, the question comes up....are open houses really necessary to get a home sold?  Based on the number of homes that are selling here in the San Ramon Valley and the diminishing inventory, the answer is probably not. At the beginning of the

Seller Concessions - What Are They?

By Linda Urbick - October 09, 2020
What are seller concessions? Seller concessions are costs the seller has agreed to pay for the buyer. These are also known as seller credits or seller contributions. Generally these are contributions toward closing costs. Seller can also give a Seller Concessions to the buyer for repairs. Buyer’s closing costs can range from 2 to 5 percent of the home purchase price and some sellers

Seller's Disclosures

By Linda Urbick - October 02, 2020
What are Seller's Disclosures Is this your first time selling a home or you have sold a home in the past yet can't remember all the paperwork associated with the process? You will be required as a seller to provide several disclosures to buyers. Basically seller disclosures are documents you complete with all the information you know about the home and explanations to any remodel projec

Home Pricing Strategies

By Linda Urbick - April 22, 2020
How to Price Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar Determining the right price to sell your home is not magic. If you understand the concept of supply and deman., then you realize that the "market" determines the value of your home. You as the seller must be able to objectively look at the market. And this can be difficult for some sellers, as they believe their home is unique or better th

Downsing Your Home in Your 60s

By Linda Urbick - May 14, 2019
Downsizing Your House in your 60s   Our 60s is when we really start to think about downsizing  even if we don’t do it til we reach our 70’s.  When it becomes apparent we are spending money every month to maintain the home, when in actuality we only use a few rooms. What is Downsizing? What does downsizing really mean. Is it rightsizing or down sizing? Are they the

Why No Offers on My House?

By Linda Urbick - February 19, 2019
You have your house on the market, no offers at all. Yet you know that houses are selling, even in your area. Wondering why your home is not selling or even getting any offers. Here are possibly five reasons to consider. 1.  What is your motivation? Is your motivation still the same as it was when you first listed. When sellers are really motivated, they make sure the home is priced righ


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